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Blog Outreach & Placement Is All About Approach

It’s weird how so much has changed in the way we market our music. Additionally, it is strange that the strategy that has stood the test of time in the ever-changing  marketing universe is blog outreach.

Blog outreach isn’t as archaic as you might think. In fact, blog placements serve a myriad of purposes for bands and artists (in particular those of us who aren’t at the level where we are reaching major news outlets).

Before we get into this process, I want to go over some of the benefits of blog placement. Many of these you may already know, some of them may come as a surprise to you.

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Are Blogs Even Relevant Anymore?

Music blogs serve a vastly different purpose in 2023 as they did in decades before.

While in yesteryear music blogs themselves served as prime real estate for music discovery – in modern times they serve more as a visibility tool to increase your social media presence, but more importantly, they serve as a means to increase SEO, boost your algorithm, create credibility and brand recognition, and provide an avenue for that coveted blue check on IG.

As they are inherently tied to social media, music blogs continue to be a paramount marketing avenue for artists globally.

The Back End Benefits

So what are the real benefits with blogs other than music discovery? (And trust me, I’ll get you your download soon ha)

Tips For Successful Blog Outreach

  • Successful blog outreach comes down to building relationships with blogs. They are more likely to feature you if you establish a legitimate relationship

  • Create 3-4 versions of your press release with DIFFERENT TITLES and send them to different blogs so you can get more links attributed to your brand
  • FeedSpot is a fantastic place to purchase VALID contact lists (you know.. the ones PR companies try and charge you thousands for)
  • Do not be discouraged by silence! Consistency is KEY. Keep reaching out, you may have to start small, but you will eventually get traction
  • USE A PROFESSIONAL EMAIL PROVIDER: Like mailchimp or ConstantContact You will look more professional and legitimate (which increases your success rate) and you ALSO get access to see which blogs are opening your emails!
  • Get creative with your subject lines! You need to catch attention from people who are bombarded with emails constantly! I will provide an example in the download below
  • Take the time to actually visit the blogs you’re submitting to and engage with the blogger by referencing blogs they wrote. Join their FB pages, interact with their readers.
  • Be prepared to PAY. Premium blogs will often require a financial incentive for placement unless you have an established relationship with them. Price varies based on the size of the blog, but don’t be afraid to invest in your brand!

Here is the download!

Best of luck to you, and just remember that as with anything else, it takes practice to get good at anything!

Don’t forget – if you want a free resource on how to market your music launch, we have a blog on that too!

And of course – share with your friends, and pay it forward! Help someone in your community today.


-Franccesca De Struct

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